Athleisure is already a fashion trend that is here to stay. It began as such in 2014, but in 2020, with the pandemic and confinement, it has been its definitive accolade.

But what does Athleisure mean? It is the combination of sport and leisure, a trend that incorporates the aesthetics of sporty style into daily life. It is the combination of athletic (athletic) and leisure (leisure) and aims to wear sportswear with such style that it can function during sports activities and in other environments of our daily lives. Sport is cool.

This trend is triumphing due to two fundamental facts: the rise of the culture of healthy living and the priority of comfort when choosing our clothing, it is about combining fashion and sportswear. It is a new concept of urban style, where comfort and style, functionality and fashion meet and influence each other.

Athleisure The Fabulous Gang

The union of all these elements is being a winning mix: It is an evolution of sportswear providing freedom and comfort. But athleisure goes further, its goal is to raise the level of sports outfits to create a look that is comfortable, sporty and sophisticated at the same time.

Ten years ago the sportswear offer did not take design or aesthetics into consideration, and that has changed today: Comfort and practicality they do not have to be at odds with design and style. The search for more comfortable clothing became a real necessity; Sportswear was born, then so-called activewear, and finally Athleisure.

Athleisure garments are based on those of yoga, gym and running, but with an extra touch of glamorous, such as special fabrics, or more elaborate designs. Some celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner y Gigi Hadid have made Athleisure clothing a trend in fashion.

The most common elements within Athleisure are leggings, t-shirts, oversize sweatshirts, joggers or sneakers, all in neutral colors such as black, white, grey, cream, dark blue and brown, which makes it easy to combine with other garments, and some accessories such as sports bags and baseball caps, but all made with quality fabrics, respectful of the environment and a very careful design.

El Athleisure It allows us greater freedom of expression when dressing, since we decide what to wear more than anything to feel good inside those garments, giving that touch of personality and originality, through accessories. This urban clothing that combines glamor and comfort, is very differentiated in its positioning, that is, they are perceived as very different from other fashion brands, and highlight the non-conformist character and the possibility of being oneself.

The effect that this trend commonly produces is that of a effortlessly cool, in which it seems that the person who wears it did not complicate himself at all to dress well but managed it easily and naturally.

This phenomenon has earned a chapter in the documentary series "In a Nutshell" on Netflix, which explains its origins and how it has managed to become a social phenomenon.

Welcome to Athleisure style!