Skateboarding was born in California (USA) in the 40s as a substitute for surfing for those times of the year when there were not enough waves. It is a sport based on propulsion with a skate (wooden board with axles, bearings and wheels) while performing different maneuvers.

As early as the 60s, small surfboard manufacturers in Southern California began to build skateboards more professionally and teams were formed to sponsor the sport; furthermore, an American TV show ("Surf's Up") helped promote it.

During this stage there were still no skateparks: It was an urban and alternative sport, which took place in outdoor and open spaces.  

In 1976 the first two skateparks in the world were built: one in Port Orange (Florida) and another in San Diego (California). 

During the 80s, purely skateboard companies began to be created and in the 90 defines the currently accepted design:The boards are already between 7 and 8 inches and the wheels are made of 99A hard polyurethane.

This sport has been increasing followers in all parts of the world, until, finally, in 2016 the IOC approved its incorporation as an Olympic sport, making its debut in the Tokyo Games 2020.

Here we leave you a selection of the best tracks at national and European level where you can practice it. 



  1. ruben alcantara skatepark, (Malaga): Designed by two-time world champion rider Rubén Alcántara, It is a sports facility for the modalities of bmx, skate, roller or scooter. 
  2. Baró de Viver Skatepark (Barcelona): It is designed for all kinds of disciplines and is ideal for beginners in any of them.
  3. Skatepark (La Nucia, Alicante): It has a wide variety of modules adaptable to all levels.
  4. Skatepark Arganzuela (Madrid): Affordable for all levels, but more focused on beginners, especially on street.
  5. Agora Skatepark (Badalona): Here is one of the stops of the Street League, the reference global skate event.


  1. Skatehalle, (Berlin, Germany): The largest indoor park in Berlin, it has a 400 m² bowl and a 1200 m² street circuit, as well as the largest U in Germany.
  2. Ladybird Skatepark (Tilburg, The Netherlands): 10 km from the Belgian border is this covered park which, thanks to its skylight in the main square, almost gives the feeling of being outdoors.
  3. Elbo Skatepark (Bologna, Italy): One of the most impressive bowls in Europe, it has slopes of 1,8 meters that surround a complete central tube, the dream of any speed lover.
  4. Le Bowl Skatepark (Marseille, France): An icon since the 90s, it is the largest skate park in France and has become a mecca for skaters on the international circuit.
  5. Faelledparken (Copenhagen, Denmark): Copenhagen has one of the strongest skate scenes in Europe; Specifically, this park, with its 4600 square meters, is one of the largest skateparks in all of Denmark.