Fashion and the street is culture

Generación X y la literatura: Trainspotting y El Club de la Lucha.

Generation X and literature: Trainspotting and Fight Club.

At a literary level, Generation X and its cultural background is based on ironic tones, scenarios set in marginal areas, where the protagonists drank from the prevailing pop culture of the moment and broke with the established, promoting snobbish and markedly differentiating behaviors against conformism. of the previous generation (the famous baby boomers).
Juegos Olímpicos de invierno

Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics are held every 4 years and include both ice and snow sports: from the best known such as alpine or acrobatic skiing or ice hockey to less common ones such as bobsleigh or the Nordic combined, something totally unknown for the general public of a country like ours plagued with sun and good weather.
Origen del Rap y del Hip-Hop

Origin of Rap and Hip-Hop

Rap is known worldwide as a musical trend based on rhyming words very quickly on a rhythmic basis, encompassing two main profiles: DJ (creates and plays tracks, who is responsible for creating the basis for the rhyme of the MC) and the MC himself (master of ceremonies, person who performs).
Generación Beat y la revolución del panorama social americano de los 50

Beat Generation and the revolution of the American social landscape of the 50s

During the 50s, a group of authors opposed to the majority values ​​emerged, a rebellion in the social landscape prevailing: the Beat Generation. They revolutionized him not only with his literature, but also with his lifestyle: hitchhiking, traveling without a fixed destination, listening to jazz in African-American venues or rejecting the censorship and conformism of the time. The term Beat (coined by themselves, according to Kerouac himself, the movement's greatest exponent) meant defeated and marginalized, but in reality it was an attitude of protest against the impositions of the time.


El slow fashion defend a more ethical and responsible form of consumption, as well as become aware of the relationship between customers and vendors. It is the opposite pole of fast fashion: it takes into account the procedures and resources necessary to create clothing, promoting the equitable treatment of people, animals and the environment. This concept, in its triple aspect –ecological, economic and social- implies an important change in the current scale of values ​​and attitudes, whether from the point of view of environmental sustainability and the use of natural resources, as well as economic development and social progress. 
Entrevista al piloto de Rally Joan Lascorz

Interview with Rally driver Joan Lascorz

Joan Lascorz, an elite motorcycling athlete who competed in the world championship of Superbikes. Unfortunately, the On April 2, 2012, during official training, the which caused him a spinal cord injury at the C5/C6 level with a limitation in the mobility of your legs, your torso, arms and hands. This accident not only did not separate him from the sport but also helped him to rethink how to continue in it as a racing driver. rallies all Plot.
Las mejores pistas de nieve del mundo #PlanForTheGang

The best snow slopes in the world #PlanForTheGang

Skiing and snowboarding are world-famous sports, judging by the number of countries that have winter resorts: more than 68 boast spaces where they can be practiced. 
Canción protesta: la música como herramienta de activismo social

Protest song: music as a tool for social activism

The protest song is a genre with clear ideological objects, focusing on the working class and seeking social and economic change. Some songs like Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday address oppression; more recent ones like American Idiot of Green Day suppose springs of critics to the political situation of the moment.

Turismo de invierno y planes blancos, ¡más #PlanForTheGang!

Winter tourism and white plans, plus #PlanForTheGang!

Winter hides authentic gems that can only be enjoyed at this time of year (and that are not just limited to skiing): other winter sports, northern lights in northern Europe, trekking through dream places... Winter puts within our reach multitude of destinations as attractive as they are diametrically opposed. All we need are some leggings under our pants, wool socks, a thermal shirt and lined boots, all to not give up (no matter how low the temperature) some of the most beautiful landscapes and adventures on the planet. Here are some of our proposals!
Desarrollo sostenible, la base en The Fabulous Gang

Sustainable development, the base in The Fabulous Gang

Sustainability has acquired such importance in the current reality that it has become the target of all political actions and programs, as is the case of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for any action by part of governments from all over the world. 
Fútbol callejero: el deporte compartido en cualquier parte del mundo

Street football: the sport shared anywhere in the world

Street soccer encompasses different informal varieties of soccer, but does not necessarily use the requirements of a formal game. Unlike traditional football, it is mixed and there are no referees; Thanks to this, dialogue is encouraged in neighborhoods and communities with little accessibility to clubs, sports and recreational spaces. It was practiced by many of the best players in football history, such as Pelé, Romario, Eusebio, Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi, Robinho, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Música Drill: Llega para quedarse

Drill Music: Here to stay

Drill was born in 2010 in Chicago as a subgenre of trap and hip hop, but it developed in the United Kingdom. Characterized by his violent and nihilistic lyrics, in 2019 he finally managed to have a foothold in America thanks to Pop Smoke: his murder in February 2020 has made this genre reach the general public. his posthumous album “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon” (produced by 50 Cent), quickly reached #1 on the Billboard 200 and internationally reached #1 in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.