Winter sports are those that take place on ice or snow, either under natural conditions or artificially reproduced. Although traditionally These sports were practiced in cold areas during the winter, the introduction of synthetic materials and the construction of covered sports facilities and systems for the distribution of artificial snow has made it possible to extend the practice of these to many other places.


winter sports


We leave you some examples of these white sports!

  • Curling: Similar to English bowling or petanque, it is practiced on an ice rink, with two teams of four players each. The objective is to throw stones on an ice rink towards a marked area, called a "house". 
  • Alpine or downhill skiing: Originating in the 20s in Great Britain, skiers descend snow-covered mountains on marked slopes. They can exceed 130-150km/hour.
  • Artistic or freestyle skiing: Born in the 30s in Norway and developed in the 60s in the US as its own discipline, it combines the speed of alpine skiing with the agility of gymnasts: skiers perform jumps and stunts in the air. There are two main modalities: aerial or aerial jumps (acrobatic jumps valued by a jury); and potholes or mogul (you go down a steep slope of snow plagued with potholes and mounds -bumps-).
  • Heliski: born in Aspen (Colorado) in the 60s, it consists of taking people up to the highest hills in a helicopter and descending in the middle of virgin snow. It is a modality of skiing in virgin snow, off-piste, and the world paradise of this sport is in Canada (90% of the market for this sport).
  • Hockey: It is one of the fastest sports in the world, players skate on the ice behind a rubber disc (puck) with a long cane (stick) that can reach 160 km/h. It was invented at the end of the XNUMXth century in Canada, by European immigrants who adapted field hockey to the climate of the area.
  • Mushing: Canine sport characterized by the use of draft dogs to pull sleds over snowy or icy surfaces. he term comes from the French word "mush", used at the time as an order to tell the dogs to start walking.
  • Figure or ice skating: The skaters perform acrobatics on the ice to the rhythm of the music.
  • Snowboard: Sports activity halfway between skiing, skateboarding and surfing, the snowboarder (also called a rider) slides on a snowboard with both feet on the same board and placed in bindings that are perpendicular to it. 
  • Speedriding: Combination of ski, flight and speed, it consists of skiing with the support of the mini glider, and can be done both on piste and off piste.