At The Fabulous Gang we are very proud to be able to expand our Gang with a person who is a benchmark in the values ​​we defend such as self-improvement and effort, where being able to have a vision of the future, goals that despite the problems that life can pose you can reach. 
We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Joan Lascorz, an elite motorcycling athlete who competed in the world championship of Superbikes. Unfortunately, the On April 2, 2012, during official training, the which caused him a spinal cord injury at the C5/C6 level with a limitation in the mobility of your legs, your torso, arms and hands. This accident not only did not separate him from the sport but also helped him to rethink how to continue in it as a racing driver. off road rallies.    
We have been able to speak with him and he has explained very interesting things about his life and his career that we leave you below. A life lesson that we will certainly never forget. 
Inside photo Joan
  • How did you start in the world of motorcycling?
When I was 6 years old, my father gave me a motocross motorcycle with which I would go out on routes with him, I have great memories later, when I was 9 years old, he introduced me to the world in the world of competition with a mini-moto, since then I have not stopped.
  • What happened the day of the accident?
It was an official SBK test at the Imola circuit, which was held after the world championship race. I lost control of the bike at a very fast point and hit a concrete wall just a few meters from the track.
  • How has the recovery process been?
Really hard, when you have an injury of these characteristics it takes a long time (years) to adapt to your new body, you always keep learning and evolving.
Many hours of rehabilitation and then assume the psychological part.
  • How does it affect your day to day?
It affects everything that involves using the body. It leaves you with a dependency that you can't imagine if you don't live it.
Then you learn to look for ease when doing anything.
  • How do you face your participation in the Dakar?
With a lot of motivation. I train more than ever the physical part and I take great care of the medical part and the diet.
I don't set any goals. But what I have clear is that I do not go out just to finish. If I feel good and my body performs, I will give a lot of Gas.
  • What would you say to all those people who think "you're crazy"?
Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't do things in a crazy way. I analyze everything and think about it a lot before taking the step.
  • What advice would you give to someone who is in your situation and who does not see the possibility of moving forward and having new challenges?
I think there are many people who give advice. I do not consider myself anyone to give them since each person goes through a different situation.
I only know that I have gone through a more than hard moment in life and it will always be with me. But I have decided not to give up doing what I was best at, which is competing. No matter how complex it is, the important thing is that it can be done.
  • What plans do you have for the future? What are your next conquests going to be?
I can't think of anything else after Dakar. I just hope to learn from my passion and stay wanting more.
  • Who have been your biggest supporters during this time?
Many people have helped me throughout these almost 10 years. Some in the initial stage after the accident, later other people have been arriving and others have always been there. But do not forget about any of them. If I start naming them I wouldn't finish.
  • What values ​​are fundamental in your gang?

They are always people who bring something special. Trust, knowledge, adventure, stability… real people.


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